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This is Rebel, he is our 38 year old Appaloosa cross.  He loves to go on trail rides, and just to ride at all.  He's always ready to go for a ride and make his rider happy.  He's a very hard worker and will do anything to make you happy.  His only downfalls are that he's very headstrong and he hates the bit.  But hey, what horse doesn't.  He's very responsive to direct reining and rides both western and English, although primarily English for G.A.I.T.  His name suits him very well, because he is definitely a Rebel.  He loves to knock things over and to try to throw you with his head.  He is a great horse, one of the best at G.A.I.T. because he is always willing to do anything, from trail rides to grooming sessions.  One phrase sums up Rebel "He's 99% heart, and 1% rebel"