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Halee is a our 20 year old black Standardbred horse.  She is purely English, and has an extremely fast walk.  It's so fast that during a class period, she usually laps the other horses 3-4 times.  She has taking a liking to Missy and Diggy and they tend to stay together at all costs.  She lived the first part of her life as a race horse, similar to Diggy.  After her racing career was through, she went to a establishment for retired Standardbreds, before being plucked up by the police to become a police horse.  She was a police horse for three years but her eye condition worsened by the day and she was taken off of the police force.  The police then offered the horse to the G.A.I.T. program.  Our director hesitated to take the horse because her bad experience with mares in the past, however, Halee has become a stable part of the G.A.I.T. program.